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Leveraging Risk

When getting started in this business, you may want to consider leveraging risk. This means bringing in a Purchase Order Financing company or “Factoring” business. They will take X% of the revenue, in exchange for buying the inventory for you and having it shipped directly to your deal site or fulfillment center.

Long story short – they supply the money, you supply the pre-negotiated deal. This will make it very easy for you to leverage other people’s money against deals you’ve negotiated.

Our recommended funnel builder

We use Click Funnels for a good reason… It is easy. Yes it costs a small amount every month, but to gain access to all of the resources – it is worth it.

We’re able to push custom funnels directly to your account with the click of a button. So we can take our hard work and send it along to you. The funnels that tested highest in conversions, and have been modeled specifically to sell the way we need to – and they can be yours just for being a member. All you need to do is ask!