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Hardcore Profit Business Methods

This is where dreams are realized and lives are changed. This is where it all begins.

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Supplement Masterminds

What took nearly a decade of research, developing, testing, and selling we bring you one of the most unique business models we've ever released. This was the brain child of Paul a long time ago, and he has decided to release this exclusively to our group. You can build a very successful business from this model. It will take some work, but the monthly residuals from customers rebuying your products will simply blow your mind. This is one of those "never again" sort of models. You'll never find a model like this again, and you'll never find guys like Paul and Dave to support you every step of the way. This model will teach you how to successfully build your own nutritional supplement company from the ground up!

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Distribution Startup Catalog

This is a short and simple release that gives you guys the exact items you need to launch the Distribution Masterminds business using the self fulfillment option in the method. This is for the folks who need the right supplies to get started. We included our affiliate links since the revenue helps offset a small amount of our costs. We appreciate your support!

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Funnel Masterminds

Building funnels, processing payments, advertising, shipping orders, and everything in between. We show you how to offer FREE products to people, make them pay shipping, and turn a massive profit nearly on autopilot. The best part is, these are all evergreen niches and massively trafficked items! The sales literally pour in and we show you how! This is quite literally the biggest no brainer method we have ever released!

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Dave's Business Hacks

After a seemingly endless amount of education and understanding about how his eBay business functioned, our coach Dave opened the book and reveals some key parts of his recipe of success. This release encompasses everything you need to really start growing your business and providing it room to become a major force.

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eBay Distribution Masterminds V2

New and improved, and substantially more valuable! This method doesn't just cover selling on eBay with products you buy through liquidation markets! This also covers a HUGE opportunity with Amazon Arbitrage. We cover the details here so you don't risk losing money and putting your accounts at right. If you want a secondary income, one that lets you make tons of sales and not have to hold products, this is for you! Check it out!

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Distribution Masterminds

This method is potentially one of the highest earning releases we have ever put out. We currently employ this very same method! You'll learn how to buy inventory in bulk from liquidation wholesalers and resell it directly to consumers through both eBay and Amazon. You'll also learn how to operate this business 100% online, without having to hold physical inventory by utilizing fulfillment centers.

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Deal Tycoons

Ever wonder how in the world places like Groupon and LivingSocial get all of their items? They get them from people like US! This method will teach you everything you need to know to sell products in bulk directly to Daily Deal websites. You'll learn how to find the right products through market research, make contact with the people in charge of making deals, and lock in your deals with these businesses! We even teach you how to make these deals happen with NO money upfront! This method takes some time to employ, but can make you millions in profit every year.

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Paypal Guardian

Doing business over Paypal can help your business grow faster, earn more customers more efficiently, and give you a means to collect payments effortlessly. This FREE guide teaches you how to protect your account from unnecessary limitations, holding of funds, and potential frustrations. This includes up to date techniques to ensure the safety of your account and your hard earned money.