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          Welcome to Hardcore Profit! This website, group, and offerings have been in the works for a very long time. Some of the methods you'll find here have been developed over the course of the last decade. I have  worked tirelessly most of my career to develop a successful set of businesses. These business models represent models just as successful today as when I first launched them. As time has gone on, the businesses have transformed alongside the markets they represent.

          Please take what we offer here and run with it full force. Dive in and get dirty, work hard, and achieve success. The levels of success I have seen in my life have not come easy. We aren't here expecting an ATM to be installed in our offices, we are here to get to work. You have what it takes to turn your business desire into business sense, and lead the pack with drive, motivation, and innovation. You'll take the models I offer here and transform them into your own living and breathing organism of success.

          One thing you will come to find out about me, especially through the 1 on 1 coaching sessions, is I very rarely make promises. You will only get a promise from me when I know I can fully come through and fulfill that promise. Having the resources to back my promises, I know that my word will carry the weight it needs to garner trust with you as a group. I promise you one thing: I will stand by you through every step of your journey, offering help guidance, and expertise where I can.

          Take what you learn here, what you learn from us, and go with it into the future. You will learn that you are smarter, wiser, more dedicated, and more determined than ever before. The success that you've always seen as a fleeting and rarely felt emotion will become reality. From my experience, I can tell you that success is an addiction with diminishing returns. The more you get, the more you will need to maintain that feeling. A little will never be enough when you feel it, and it will give you a better euphoric high than your wildest dreams. So embrace the milestones, set your goals, reach them, and then set some more. Success waits for no one, and it rewards those who don't walk at the bell. It rewards those who understand that this life, these businesses, they are a gift and not a given. So go on, work hard and earn it. Good Luck!


Coach Paul

Founder and Coach


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